Simple “Morning Protocol”
That Less Than 3% Of Women Know Exists…
Take the quick survey below to see if the effortless “Evening Trigger” will work…

(Please take a moment to read my story below before taking the survey.)

Simple “Morning Protocol”
That Less Than 3% Of Women Know Exists…
‘How This Simple 30 Second Quiz Transformed My Life”
Take the quick survey below to see if the effortless “Evening Trigger” will work…

(Please take a moment to read my story below before taking the survey.)

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“I Never Thought I Would Feel Like This Again!”

​Hello, my name is Ruth,

I really appreciate you taking a few minutes of your valuable time to read this post.

I am incredibly thankful and proud of my transformation and I wanted to take some time to share my experience so that other people can also benefit from what I have found.

I still can’t quite believe that such a small change to my daily routine, could have such a massive impact in every aspect of my life.

I spent years searching (as I know a lot of other women do) for “the secret” and tried many things over that time without any real success. Eventually I had pretty much given up hope.

It’s difficult to think back about how bad things were. I remember waking up each day and not wanting to get out of bed because I knew the pain in my feet, the aching joints, the strain on my ankles (especially first thing in the morning), was sometimes just more than I could bare.

Then there was the brain fog and the constantly feeling tired. I used to wake up with terrible headaches from not sleeping properly.

But today I feel totally different, totally alive. It’s incredible the difference it has made in just a few short months.

My Life Was Very Different Before Everything Changed:

You see, I was never the “Super Thin Attractive” one in my group of friends, Earlier in life, I was just average size. Throughout College I would try out the latest fad diets like all my girlfriends, but none of them every really made a difference. I wasn’t unhappy with my size, but I was certainly no super model.

It wasn’t until I had settled down, and had my two beautiful girls that I started getting larger. Like a lot of women after they give birth, my sole focus was on my family, keeping them happy and healthy was always my #1 priority, and looking after myself came in a distant second.

By my mid-forties things had really started to get bad. I don’t know what it was, but when I turned 40, all of a sudden it was like a switch was turned on (or off) and after that moment, every single thing I ate just seemed to go straight on to my hips or butt.

I ballooned in size, and could never find any nice clothes that would fit my body shape. I had to shop in specialized “big girl” shops which I found mortifying, but I had no other choice.

I used to go to great lengths to avoid getting my photo taken at family outings or the girl’s school events. On the occasion that I did see a photo of myself, I just hated the site of my own body, and would often retreat to my bedroom and cry about how unhappy I was with myself.

I tried everything, I joined countless gym’s, spin classes, yoga etc. I even hired a personal trainer at one point, but it just made me even more sore, and more tired than I was before.

And the diet’s… Don’t get me started, you name it, I have tried it.

  • Meal Replacement Shakes
  • Food Delivery services like Weight Waters and Jenny Craig.
  • Dozens of types of Weight Loss Pills and Potions.
  • I even tried a gastric band but even that didn’t work for me.
  • I tried cutting out sugar.
  • I went Low Carb, then tried No Carbs.
  • I Tried going vegan for a while too.

Sure, I dropped a few pounds here and there, but the successes on these programs was very short lived and I always seemed to be back where I started (or usually worse) within a few months.

The Calories In – Calories Out Myth

My Doctor told me it was just a simple matter of Calories In – Calories Out. That if I ate less and exercise more, then it was simple math that I would lose weight. But that never really sat right with me. I had a couple of friends who were contantly eating, meeting for brunch, lunch, coffee and dinner, drinking wine and eating whatever they wanted who never seemed to add a single pound.

When I questioned my Doctor, she just told me that I had a slower metabolism, and there was nothing I could do about that.

I remember she actually got quite angry at me one day, and told me to just eat less and stop being so lazy. When I got out of her office that day, I just sat in my car and sobbed, I felt useless, and couldn’t escape the thought that I was going to be trapped in this body that I hated for the rest of my life.

I am ashamed to admit, that in that moment, I even contemplated ending it, for a brief moment. But the thought of my girls, and what that would do to them, snapped me back into reality.

My reality, my life…. It is what it is, and eventually I came to just accept that.

But it did effect my life, the way I interacted with people. I retreated from friends and family outings. I probably had some level of undiagnosed depression, but I also avoided Doctors after that last visit. I just didn’t want to put myself through that again.

Then one night, I was scrolling through my facebook feed looking at all the amazing lives my friends were living and I came across a weird looking post. I am not sure why, but it grabbed my attention and I clicked through and completed a quiz.

Then I was taken to a video that talked about the real reasons why so many people struggle to lose weight.

Usually I would just skip over this type of thing when I saw it online. But for some reason, this video just resonated with me. They talked about the scientific reasons why obesity across America is skyrocketing.

Why it’s not just a matter of eat less and exercise more. It talked about why when we do try to diet our brain just screams at us to eat.

This really hit home for me. Every time I ever start a new diet, all I want to do is eat. Way more than I would usually eat when I am not on a diet.

I learned about something called Ghrelin Dysregulation, which is a hormone that Doctors often refer to as the “Hunger Hormone” who’s main job is to INCREASE our appetite and store the food we eat as fat.

Why there is no way will power can overcome a hormone imbalance in our own bodies.

It also talked about what was causing this hormone imbalance in the world today, and more importantly, how we can reverse it but just following a simple 7 second ritual every night.

Taking this simple quiz, as it turns out, started me down a path that has completely changed my life.

Sure, I was sceptical, I even did a bit of my own research, I googled some of the things they were talking about in the video and found they were true, documented in real medical journals and papers.

After years of feeling hopeless, failing at diets and hours of gruelling exercise… Once I started implementing this 7 second ritual the weight began to melt away.

A few friends noticed the difference and asked me what I was doing, they just assumed I had started some new restrictive diet fad or got a personal trainer. At first I was reluctant to share it with them, I don’t know why, I guess I was afraid they would laugh at me, but the results don’t lie.

So after a while, one friend in particular had kept asking, so I eventually told her. I showed her the quiz, she watched the video and started the 7 second ritual and within a few weeks came around to show me the new dress she had just bought herself. The first dress she had bought in years.

I am so incredibly thankful for the effect this has had on my life.

I wake up in the mornings feeling refreshed and excited about what lies ahead.

My marriage and relationship with my husband has also improved out of sight. He has been booking us weekend getaways, which we used to do all the time when we first met, but haven’t done in years.

I am now, less than half the size I was just 12 months ago, and I feel better than I did in my 20’s.

I am eternally grateful for my new life journey, and I owe it all to taking this simple 10 second quiz.

I have also just recently started adding more movement and exercise to my daily routine. Not because I had to, but because I actually wanted to. I know its a shock to me as well, never if my life have I wanted to do more exercise, but recently I have found myself wanting to add more movement into my life.

It’s not like I went an joined a gym or anything, but I found these videos online that show you how to do certain stretches and positions. It’s super simple and I have found it to be really beneficial to me.

This is one of my favorites

I also like this one, its nice and simple, but the longer you hold it, the harder it gets.

If you are still reading this letter, I thank you for taking the time, and I really do hope that you join me, by scrolling back up and taking the quiz yourself.

It might just change your life like it has mine.

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